Rebecca from Nap Time Sewing Co

Rebecca from Nap Time Sewing Co

Tell us a little about yourself:

Mum of one cheeky girl, with a FIFO fiancé.

My main business/work is in the agricultural industry, which I am super passionate about! 
When I’m not at work, sewing, or wiping up little baby messes, I’m watching a good doco or playing sport!

What is your brand name or Instagram handle and how did you come up with it?

Naptime Sewing Co because I took up sewing when my toddler was a newborn, and the only time I could sew was during naptime! Business is currently on hiatus at the moment due to other business and work commitments.

What are the products you make?

Mainly kids clothes but have loved making my own clothes lately, particularly long sleeve dresses for winter!

What do you like to do in your spare time when you aren’t sewing up beautiful makes?

Pre-COVID, I played a lot of soccer and went to the gym whenever I could! But I love baking and watching documentaries too.

What’s your favourite fabric base?

Love cotton lycra for most things but really loving on bamboo lycra for dresses for myself!

What’s your favourite Clover print (you can’t say all of them 😉):

Flushing Fronds is my favourite because it was my first print, but also because it was a print I wouldn’t have ordered normally. I know that seems silly but I was super happy to have received it as a surprise and be absolutely taken away by the amazing print!

If you have a business, how can we order from you?

If you’re absolutely desperate for something in lush Clover fabrics, you can message me directly.


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Oh wow. You have amazing taste!!