Tiffany Ricks of Paigely Designs

Tiffany Ricks of Paigely Designs

Yondette & Nat have been a part of an incredible online community together for a while, and in that time we were lucky enough to meet the amazing Tiffany Ricks. Tiffany is a mum of two gorgeous kids, with a wonderful husband and an incredible talent. She has a wicked sense of humour, we absolutely love working with her.

We first fell in love with her galaxies, and have since worked with her on a number of prints - Riley, Love Birds and Out of This World, with many more to come!

We really love how Tiffany takes our visions and turns them into incredible pieces of art, as well as when she surprises us with something she has 'just been playing around with'.

We can't wait to show you more of what we have in the works with Tiffany!

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Oh wow. You have amazing taste!!