Custom and exclusive printing

At Clover & Co. Fabrics, we love designing custom prints and bringing your fabric dreams and visions to life.

For custom orders, we can source and design tiles for you. This will incur an additional cost dependent on artwork, licencing and creation time.

It is vital to us that we ensure all artwork we and our customers use is appropriately licenced for it's purpose. Any designs that we provide have an extended or commercial licence and we have permission from the artist to print their artwork onto fabric and sell it. We also ensure that we have permission for any products that are created with our fabric are able to be sold.

If you provide artwork to Clover & Co. for business use, we will require proof of an appropriate licence having been acquired. If you do not have an appropriate licence, fabric made with that design can only be used for personal use. We do not accept responsibility for any penalties sustained for misuse of custom printed fabric. If you need assistance with licencing, please let us know.

Printing options:
1) Exclusive art which is painted or designed just for you. The cost of the artwork will be passed on to you. Any design time is charged as per our design rates. The length of the exclusive licence will depend on the agreement with the artist.

2) Exclusive tiles that we design with purchased clipart. The cost of the artwork will be passed on to you, but is usually substantially less expensive than exclusive artwork. Any design time is charged as per our design rates. The artwork may be incorporated in future designs.

3) Exclusive seamless tiles that anyone else could buy and print but we would only print for you. We can purchase the pattern for you and the cost would be passed on to you. These are exclusive to you in the base of your choice for 6 months, unless otherwise agreed.

4) Custom printing of artwork that we own but haven't released. We would possibly release it down the track.

5) Reprinting of artwork from previous rounds or amending scale or colourway.

6) Printing artwork you own appropriate licencing for.

Design Rates

  • Custom design charged at $110 per hour, minimum of one hour charge. Charged in 15minute intervals after the first hour. 
  • Colourway or rescale of one of our own prints - $20

These prices include up to 3 reviews where we can make minor changes for you. Additional reviews will incur extra charges.


If you would like to discuss custom printing of a design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Chatting to us about what you’re after and brainstorm carries absolutely no obligation to place an order. We’d love to help make your fabric dreams come true.


Note 1: Any designs created by us can only be printed through Clover & Co Fabrics.

Note 2: Strictly no discounts available on custom printing.

Note 3: Any exclusive designs created or provided by us have a minimum order requirement of 5 metres.

Note 4: Outside of custom rounds, there is a minimum order quantity of 5 metres per base for any custom printing.

Note 5: Any artwork purchased and/or created by us remains the property of Clover & Co Fabrics.

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