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Continuous lengths of fabric will be provided where possible but cannot always be guaranteed. If a continuous length is required, please leave us a note at the check out. Colours may vary between bases and between print runs.

Printed fabric may be available in a variety of the base we offer, including: 

Bamboo Lycra: 200-230gsm with a usable WOF of 140cm, 95% Bamboo, 5% Lycra/spandex. BL is a silky smooth knit and is a slightly lighter weight than our CL. Beautiful drape, light and breezy to wear.

Double Brushed Polyester: 160-180gsm with a usable WOF 145cm, 100% polyester. Stunningly soft and silky with an incredible drape. Perfect for clothing for summer and winter wear, being a medium weight knit.  (Discontinued)

Canvas: 250gsm with a usable WOF 140cm, 100% Cotton woven. Great for cushion covers, bags, furniture coverings and shoes.

Minky: 200-220gsm with a usable WOF 150cm, 100% polyester knit (low pile, 2 way stretch). Ideal for nappies, blankets, soft toys, taggies and more - anywhere you want something soft and cuddly. (Discontinued)

Cotton Lycra: 230-250gsm with a usable WOF 150cm, 95% cotton, 5% lycra/spandex. Has a great drape and is nice and flowy. Perfect for a wide range of clothing - underwear, tshirts, dresses, leggings and waist bands. This knit is so soft and well wearing.

Pre-Laminated Minky: 260gsm with a usable WOF 145cm, 100% polyester (low pile, 2 way stretch) with water resistant backing. Excellent to create nappies, change mat covers, cuddly wet bags, picnic/play mats. Not available for custom printing. (Discontinued)

Cotton Poplin: 115-125gsm with a usable WOF 150cm, 100% cotton woven. Very light weight woven that can be used for clothing, hats, pet beds, cloth pads, bags, bibs, bassinet/cot/bed sheets, scrunchies and more. (Discontinued)

PUL (Polyurethane Laminate): 175-180gsm with a usable WOF 145cm, 100% polyester with water resistant backing. Used in the making of cloth nappies, wet bags, cloth pads, nursing pads, bags to store food/straws, period underwear, swim bags. You can also use it for spray jackets and pants for drizzly days. Technically a knit, but with the laminate it isn’t too stretchy  

French Terry: 260-280gsm with a usable WOF 150cm, 95% cotton/5Lycra. A sturdy knit, thicker than our CL. Great for jumpers, joggers and summer shorts.

(French terry released in 2019-2021 is 100% cotton)

Swim (SPF50+): 200-220gsm with a usable WOF 145cm, 86% polyester, 14% spandex. Perfect knit fabric for swimmers and rashies!

Linen: 140-150gsm with a usable WOF 145cm, 100% linen woven. Amazing when used for clothing, tablecloths and napkins, bedsheets and more.

Muslin: 100gsm with a usable WOF 140cm, 2 layers of 100% cotton woven. This super soft fabric is great for clothing, scarves, baby blankets/swaddles, burp cloths and more.


Synthetic leather: This base also known as vinyl or vegan/faux leather.
Weight: 600gsm with a usable WOF 135cm
100% polyester; it is perfect for bags, wallets, bows, belts and shoes.

Sports Performance: a medium-heavy weight knit If approximately 270gsm with a usable WOF 150cm. It is made of 73% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate/polyester), 27% spandex. With a brushed back to assist with moisture wicking and also make sewing it a dream. Perfect for all your athletic needs.

Cotton fleece: A super heavy and snuggly knit, weighing approximately 340gsm with a usable WOF 150-60cm. It is made up of 96.1% cotton, 3.9% spandex, with around 60% stretch. It is custom knitted for us to bring you a warm but breathable option for your winter sewing. Heavier than our French terry, with brushed backing, you will adore hoodies, trackies, or even socks made with our fleece.

Lounge ribbing: Weighing approximately 210gsm with a usable WOF 170cm; this knit is composed of 95.4% cotton, 4.6% spandex
It has approximately 60% stretch and is perfect for loungewear, light robes, and everyday wear like tees and shorts.
The ribbing dimensions are knitted at 4*2

Cuff ribbing: Weighing 250gsm with a usable WOF 120cm, and a composition of 95.1% cotton, 4.9% spandex, this knit is perfect for cuffs, waistbands, neckbands, and even everyday wear. It is available in solid colours only, standing out all on its own.
It has approximately 50% stretch.
The ribbing dimensions are knitted at 2*1

*Mock ups are for demonstration purposes only and may not be to scale


For more information about our printed and unprinted fabrics: Click Here



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